Effective Sink Pipe Clog Drainage Powder Cleaner Kitchen Bathroom Hose Pipe


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  • Keep Your Drains Clear – The are concentrated by powerful enzymes which can break down food, grease, and other stubborn materials. Effectively prevent the drain from clogging (Sink Sticks will not dissolve hair directly but will work on grease and soap scum to let your hair go with the water) – Say goodbye to complicated drain snakes, toxic chemical liquids or other plumbing tools. Keep sink, shower, and bathtub drains clog-free while saving hundreds of dollars on expensive plumbers. Keep Your Drains Odor-Free – Drain stick stay in the pipe trap to prevents grease or other organic materials from building up. It’s going to dissolve in water slowly and you will find drain odors disappearing soon – Unscented: Natural odor eliminator